Club Day is Back!

Residents of Leek and the Staffordshire Moorlands are been urged to get involved in the historical Annual Leek Club Day on Saturday 9th July 2022. The Annual Leek Club Day, which returns following its cancellation in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19, will see the return of one of the largest religious events in the West Midlands. 

Organisers are urging residents to join them in the Leek Market Place (ST13 5HH) at 13:30pm. Beginning at 13:30pm, Moorlands Praise will lead a segment of modern music as people start to gather across the town. Just before 14:30pm, Churches, Schools and Organisations will parade into the Market Place for an open air worship which will conclude at 15:00pm with a procession across the town. Organisers are also urging residents to line the streets of the procession. 

A Spokesperson for the Leek Club Day said “Leek Club Day brings us together as the community of the Staffordshire Moorlands. As we look ahead to Club Day 2022, the first in a new era as we move forward from COVID-19, it is also an opportunity to reaffirm our shared belief in the meaning of Club Day, as our predecessors and ancestors have since as early as 1828. Leek Club Day brings us together to unite in prayer, worship and celebration of our faith, helping us to build relationships and grow as a community together. Whilst no one knows when Leek Club Day started (but the earliest newspaper report that we have found is from 1828), in 2022 we are seeking to continue this proud history to work together to share our joy with the people of Leek, the Staffordshire Moorlands and its visitors.”

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